Disposable data: the invisible vulnerability

Transitory information such as engineering development work, component orders and marketing campaigns must not be overlooked by security systems. Cyber security systems tend to focus on databases, the big, immovable assets such as customer information, but every corporation also relies on work-in-progress data that is just as vulnerable to cyber-attack. Information about current projects such … Read more

Smaller firms need extra support to fight cybercrime

One in three smaller businesses has suffered a cybercrime in the past two years and the Federation of Small Businesses says the time has come to help them. The public and private sector must work together to protect smaller firms from cyber-attacks, says the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). Smaller firms represent 99% of UK … Read more

Why tech investments are the height of fashion for River Island

High street store River Island is responding to the challenges of omnichannel with investment, changing its methodologies — and treating technology like fashion. Omnichannel has changed retail dramatically and irrevocably in the last couple of years, admits Doug Gardner, CIO of high street fashion store, River Island. “Customers now want to be able to access … Read more

The role of analytics in UK business

 Data analytics provide UK businesses with the opportunity to combine, consolidate and then analyse large datasets to find previously hidden insights and knowledge. For example, by identifying patterns in customer behaviour, common customer likes and dislikes and previously unknown customer requirements businesses can develop personalised goods and services based on consumers’ needs and wants. The … Read more

Three recommendations for the information age

The adage “knowledge is power” is not new, yet is increasingly valid in a world where businesses ponder how to harness the unprecedented volume and velocity of data around us. Gartner predicts that by 2020, information will be used to reinvent, digitalise or eliminate 80 per cent of all business processes and products from a … Read more

Preparing for a world of virtualisation

Question: If network limitations and security worries are a barrier to creating a virtual network in the cloud what’s the solution? Answer: Ensure your network is designed for change and consider Software Defined Networking.   Being smart with cloud computing The limits of many organisations’ network infrastructure and security worries over the huge amounts of … Read more

Top cloud computing conferences & events

Below is an interactive map and chronological list of the top upcoming cloud computing conferences and events in Europe. Disruptive Technologies (29/09/2016) The Disruptive Technologies Conference is a meeting that targets innovation leaders, business professionals and technology experts from all around the globe and all industries who are dealing with strategic business modelling and technology … Read more