Future of Tech
James Dyson Preparing The New Generation of Tech Whizzkids For The Future

James Dyson: Preparing The New Generation of Tech Whizzkids For The Future

My cause is the shortage of engineers. By 2020 the UK will be hamstrung by a shortfall of approximately 470,000.
Mobile Learning Bridging The Digital Gap

Mobile Learning: Bridging The Digital Gap

As far as the current state of primary and secondary education technology goes, the use of mobile technology is hugely significant.
Massive Open On Line Courses and Beyond

Massive Open On-Line Courses and Beyond

Despite some very successful Massive Open On-Line Courses (MOOCs), the initial excitement seems to have subsided as universities struggle to fund the altruism.
As Easy As VLE The Pros And Progression Of Virtial Learning Environments

As Easy As VLE: The Pros And Progression Of Virtial Learning Environments

We ask some of the sector's leading providers how virtual learning environments (VLEs) are opening doors to new teaching and learning models.
Why Peer To Peer Learning Is The Future Of Edtech

Why Peer To Peer Learning Is The Future Of Edtech

The future of edtech is not about experts handing down digitised versions of classroom learning.
What s holding back the digital transformation of our public services

What’s holding back the digital transformation of our public services

The smart use of technology has changed all our lives. However, it has yet to achieve its transformative potential in the delivery of public services.
The burning platform of government technology

The burning platform of government technology

The new government’s approach to public spending remains uncompromising. Continuing austerity has provided the opportunity to radically shake up its approach to IT procurement.
using multiple devices

Bringing big value to machine data

Machine-generated data is one of the most complex and fastest growing areas of big data – and it can give businesses a competitive edge.
hybrid cloud

How Hybrid Cloud sits at the heart of business transformation

The benefits of adopting Cloud alongside on-premise are proven and Hybrid IT will serve to enhance business outcomes with the continued investment of time and innovation.
work group on a table

Where are tomorrow’s data analysts?

Nearly 90% of employers identify data analysis as a core skills gap, according to Tech Partnership research. And with big data often cited as ‘the new oil’ – the fuel for the economy over future decades – this shortage matters.
Three recommendations for the information age

Three recommendations for the information age

The adage "knowledge is power" is not new, yet is increasingly valid in a world where businesses ponder how to harness the unprecedented volume and velocity of data around us.
London at dusk

The role of analytics in UK business

Big Data analytics provide UK businesses with the opportunity to combine, consolidate and then analyse large datasets to find previously hidden insights and knowledge.
Interview with Tony Singleton OBE

Interview with Tony Singleton OBE

Tony Singleton answers some important questions on technology in the public sector and the role of the Digital Marketplace.
education technology in action

What is EdTech?

Education has remained broadly the same for hundreds of years. Technology is changing that. Quickly. So what exactly is education technology or edtech as it is commonly termed?

Revolutionising test grading with comparative judgement

A new model of exam grading has been developed by a group of scientists that could cause greater reliability and accuracy in grading.
Become a part of the EdTech world

Become a part of the EdTech world

Technology surrounds us; we use it at work, to connect with people, to shop, play games and to record our lives. And whether we’re being taught or we’re teaching ourselves, technology plays a central role in learning.

Cracking the Code

Over the last decade the classroom has changed beyond recognition and nowhere is this more so than when it comes to what has traditionally been known as design technology.
payments customer

The customer must be King in mobile payments

New payment technologies cannot succeed unless they offer real benefits to users and lower costs for merchants, otherwise they will never replace cards, cash and cheques.
Paul Horlock, Head of payments, Nationwide

Mobile banking is going places fast

Smartphone banking is taking off faster than any other new payment system in history, according to Nationwide.
David Yates and James Aramanda

Shaping the global payments landscape

Mobile payments are in flux with the major players all coming from the technology sector, but the banks are finally going into action with payment apps of their own.
secure payment

Global study shows increasing security risks to payment data

With acceptance of mobile and other new forms of payments expected to double in the next two years, a new global study shows a critical need for organizations to improve their payment data security practices.
security risk

Beware of the human factor

In this age of short term contracts allied to new working practices including the cloud, mobile and flexible working hours, one of the biggest issues in the cyber security sector is managing employee identity.

The evolving professionalism of the cyber-security industry

There is an ever-growing awareness of cyber security threats, with almost daily coverage in the media. The truth is every organisation is vulnerable; 100 per cent defence is not possible.
logging in

Identifying friend from fraudster in cyberspace

Human frailties such as setting easily-remembered but insecure passwords are exploited by organised crime to commit fraud, but help may be on the way from new technology.
digital race

The race to digitisation

Over the past couple of decades, technology has revolutionised the way we live, the way we work and the way we do business.
Ed Vaizey, Digital Economy Minister

Rising to the digital skills challenge

Digital Economy Minister Ed Vaizey on why digital skills are not only important to individuals but critical for the health of the UK economy.
Tom Valentine and Alex Saint

London's networks help fledgling businesses fly

Every start-up needs advice, help and access to top talent. London's unrivalled networks of entrepreneurs and professionals gives new businesses the best possible start.
IT support

How do the C-suite’s ideologies compare to the industry as a whole?

Cloud & DevOps World has released their Q2 industry research, highlighting the difference in opinion between the c-suite and the industry across a range of enterprise technology topics.
Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

Welcome to London Technology Week from the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan

London’s dynamic tech sector is thriving and London Technology Week (June 20th-26th) shines a light on this hugely important part of our economy.