Unified Communications is a term that is often used but the potential is still not fully realised by many businesses. In essence, unified communications offers an individual user a choice of communication methods which are all streamlined across a single network. This can encompass several communications systems and models and lends itself to the easy early adoption of new collaborative tools and real time communication channels. The commercial benefits of flexibility to a company’s unique business model, customer base and working environment are significant.

UK driving UC forward
UK businesses are well placed to take advantage of the opportunities of Unified Communications. Not least, because the UK is a hotbed of tech innovation with a thriving start up culture. Many of the most exciting advancements in communications technology come from the brightest and best of UK talent, meaning that businesses based here have easy and direct access to new communications channels and applications. And we see many forward thinking companies acting and responding to the new opportunities.

However, with so many new services and products arriving in the marketplace, some businesses and end users can find it challenging to identify the most effective appropriate medium to communicate their message. It is essential that the communications and technology experts in these businesses work together to support the wider team working and offer clear guidance on how best to both broadcast and listen to their audiences.

The world leaders
Unified Communications remains a huge opportunity for revolutionising traditional ways of working. The combination of smart UK tech innovation and progressive commercial adoption of new channels is an exciting prospect that will help to ensure that the UK remains world class in its commercial communications.