Whether your business is built on traditional, challenger or disrupter thinking, the digital world is creating daily challenges for Heads of CX but also creating new opportunities. So how do you ensure your CX strategy capitalises on the digital world?

Most, if not all, industries continue to be affected by the digital evolution, in most cases positively, but where industries have failed to adapt quickly enough is where the negative affect can be seen in full force. With the lines increasingly blurred between digital and physical experiences and the 24/7 culture of today’s generation only those with their fingers on the digital pulse have been able to truly capitalise on this revolution. But this isn't a new challenge, but what is intriguing is how customer and user experience experts deal with the digital challenge, and in fact turn it into an opportunity!


The experts discuss adapting customer experience strategy


Challenges facing the CX world, have been discussed by senior CX executives from the financial services, retail, telecoms and travel & hospitality industries, who have shared how they continue to adapt their CX strategy to ensure they’re driving best-in-class customer experience today (and every day) to secure the customer of tomorrow. This is what is called The CX Blueprint!

The report, released by the editorial team at the Customer Experience Exchange, features Stewart Bromley, COO, Atom Bank; Iain Kirkpatrick, MD, Retail, Metro Bank; Jennifer Day, Customer Management Director, Shop Direct; Jens-Ole Boelsen, Head Of User Experience, Otto Group; Mariana Machado, Customer Behaviour Director, Accor; Theresa Mattisson, Head Of Ecommerce, Nordic Choice Hotels; Gero Niemeyer, Managing Director Of Customer Service, Deutsche Telekom; and Rohini Mehra, Director Of Channel Operations, Three.


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Hear Theresa Mattisson discuss the importance of digital within customer experience strategies “digital is not like a layer on top of your strategy, digital should be part of your entire business strategy. If it’s not, you’re doomed to fail, because you can’t create a folder, make it a PDF, send it out and say “Hey, I’m digital.”

Learn from Stewart Bromley as he shares his thoughts on how consumer behaviour is driving the digital evolution across the financial services sector “As the customer behavioural shift towards digital becomes more emphatic than even it is today and technology evolves at the pace it is currently, the concept of banks is going to have to change. It’s not really about the banks it’s about you and your money.”

Deep dive into Mariana Machado's insights on what the digital era means to her and how brands are losing control whilst customers are gaining it, “The digital era for me means sharing and being a part of the brand and the brand will no longer be built by a logo and by colours and by graphics, but built by customers.”


How are you adapting to digital evolution?


Discover how your CX strategy holds up against the experts by downloading the complimentary report:

The CX Blueprint

The report is created by the Customer Experience Exchange, Europe, ahead of this years’ senior level, strategic meeting which will be held in Brussels on the 8 – 9 November, 2016.

For more information or to request your invitation to attend the Exchange, where 80 C-level & VPs/Directors of Customer Experience, Marketing and eCommerce from Fortune 500 companies including; BNP Paribas Cardif; KPN; Schneider Electric; T Mobile; Barclays; Shell and many more will be gathering to discuss the practicalities of increasing customer retention and loyalty in this hyper-competitive market, look online, call +44 (0)207 368 9484 or email exchangeinfo@iqpc.com.