I believe that, as a true social movement, the NHS must use its unique position to adopt and use technology across the board, to bring lasting improvements to patient care. This challenge, in the context of the Five Year Forward View, will set the agenda at the Health and Care Innovation Expo, to be held in Manchester on 2&3 September.

We'll welcome 5,000 people a day to Manchester Central, which will be transformed into a centre of innovation. Our delegates are all professionals who can effect change: chief executives, directors of finance, strategy and organisational development, clinical leads, budget holders, team leaders, commentators and patient leaders.

Expo 15 puts these change agents in front of the most exciting and interruptive thought leaders working in health and care. It's a dynamic, lively and high-energy event at which everyone is united by the desire to improve the way we care for patients.

Using evidence from successful innovations and new models of care, Expo will give people the tools and inspiration to make positive changes to their work. In this context, the programme at Expo aims to understand and explore where ultimately innovation adds value. This could be a financial value or a health value: ideally both. Treating innovation this way means it becomes an enabler of the sort of high quality and efficient health and care that we need to secure the future of the NHS. 

Learn more by visiting england.nhs.uk/expo/