In a business environment where disruption is lurking around the corner, and start-ups are redefining the market landscape and customer expectations, the IT department is called to save the day. Both the c-suite and the IT practitioners are keen to invest in sophisticated tools and reshape their processes to achieve less down time and faster software releases. But how do their views compare? This report from Cloud & DevOps World delves into how perceptions and priorities differ between IT management and practitioners. Download the report for free here

The report follows on from the Q1 analysis released earlier in the year – and delves deeper into the most controversial of results. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here.

In Q1, 67% of respondents indicated that their organizations were struggling to keep up with customer expectations. But in Q2 the results have revealed that in fact 90% of the industry can identify a reason for their company failing to satisfy their customer’s expectations.

It was also revealed that the c-suite and industry agree on CI / CD and DevOps being the most important factors when looking to achieve speed and scalability. 

Differences in opinion between the industry and the c-level executives were few and far between, but distinct inconsistencies became apparent around the topic of enterprise mobility. BYOD policies in particular were a point of contention, with much of the industry unable to define their company’s position on the mobile enterprise. 

The report has been released ahead of Cloud & DevOps World 2016, a headline event in the Cloud & Enterprise Technology World Series, and also identifies the primary objectives of top level attendees of technology industry events. C-level event attendees have goals targeted on gaining knowledge of industry best practice, and a strong focus on expanding their understanding of DevOps and other upcoming technology trends, in order to improve business agility. Cloud & DevOps World is open for registrations now, and is happening June 21-22, at Olympia in London.

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