Cloud computing provides the capability to store, process and manage the vast volumes of real-time data being created through digital innovation.

The volume of data now being created on a daily basis means that cloud is fast becoming the only solution for organisations and consumers to store and manage information. But cloud computing is also a key driver of increased organisational agility and efficiency. It gives businesses the ability to access computing platforms and resources on an ‘on-demand’ basis, driving organisational efficiency and cost savings. This flexibility drives innovation, productivity and business competitiveness. It is a fundamental building block of the UK’s digital future.

The good news for organisations looking to move to the cloud to manage their data is that the UK has a vibrant, fast moving and constantly evolving cloud computing market. There are multiple cloud providers offering innovative cloud services at the infrastructure, platform and software level. This combination of cloud providers means UK businesses and consumers are able to access a range of and technologically advanced, free to use, and paid cloud services.

Cloud computing is a fundamental building block of the UK’s digital future

When these cloud services are combined with the Big Data and Data Analytics technologies and solutions that are increasingly available to organisations of all sector and size, the technology sector is providing UK businesses with the opportunity to combine, consolidate and then analyse large datasets to find previously hidden insights and knowledge. For example by identifying patterns in customer behaviour, common customer likes and dislikes and previously unknown customer requirements businesses can develop personalised goods and services based on consumers’ needs and wants.

The UK benefits from driving innovation in cloud based technologies and driving the use and exploitation of cloud and big data tools and solutions. We can maintain world leading supply-side expertise and world beating demand-side exploitation, accelerating innovation and productivity. But to do all of this we have to keep the UK at the forefront of cloud adoption. To do this we need to enable data portability and system interoperability within the cloud computing ecosystem, build trust in the security of cloud computing services, support organisations in the cultural shift required to optimise the use of cloud, ensure we have a communications infrastructure that keeps pace with mass cloud adoption and build a coherent regulatory framework that supports the continued adoption and optimisation of cloud computing by businesses.